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The Largest Collection of Blank Guns, Replica Civil War Guns, and Western Cowboy Guns

Order Authentic Civil War Guns and Replica Cowboy Guns at the Lowest Prices! offers genuine looking replica blank gun weapons that are manufactured with an awe-inspiring eye for detail. While real weapons, especially antique weaponry, are difficult to come by, our replica blank guns make it simple for every collector to hold a piece of history in his hands or to put genuine looking ones on display. Gun collectors no longer have to visit local museums to see historical western guns and replica civil war guns protected by roped off areas or behind thick cases of glass. Now, it is possible to have exact copies of beautiful replica blank gun weapons delivered right to your door!

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  • Left-Handed "Austrian" Flintlock Brass finish

    Left-Handed "Austrian" Flintlock Brass finish

    Regular Price: $60.00

    Special Price: $55.99
    You Save: $4.01 (6.7%)

  • 1873 Peacemaker Fast Draw Western Replica NON Firing Gun, Antique Gray

    1873 Peacemaker Fast Draw Western Replica NON Firing Gun, Antique Gray

    Regular Price: $99.75

    Special Price: $84.00
    You Save: $15.75 (15.8%)

  • The Advantages of Replica Blank Guns - If you make a decision to invest in a Colt blank gun to add to your weapon collection, you don't need to take the considerable amount of time it takes to apply for a permit or license. Some of this type firearms can be fired with as much precision as a real weapon. The primary difference between reproductions and authentic firearms is identified in the kind of ammunition each weapon uses.

    Movie Blank Gun Selections for the Movie Productions and Stage Props - In addition to collecting blank firing guns, sometimes replicas are needed in the entertainment industry. Whether you are seeking a Colt firearm, a prop Beretta pistol, or cowboy firearms for western plays or films, replicas that fire blanks can be safely used on the stage or while filming movies. By using this type firearms you can save a considerable amount of money too, thereby keeping your movie filming budget under control.

    We invite you to view our entire collection including: civil war guns; colonial, medieval, and pirate weapons; swords of all types including Samurai, Dragon, Japanese; cowboy western guns; and lots more!

    Blank guns replicas not only look authentic, but they feel real when in use too.

    Voted Best Authentic Blank Guns for Movie Makers and Stage Prop Producers

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