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Bangsite - Ammo for ALL our Models!

Water, some fresh air, Bangsite and a spark creates a loud BANG and realistic flash of light!


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Bangsite 3-Pack

Water, some fresh air, Bangsite® and a spark creates a LOUD BANG with a realistic FLASH of LIGHT!

Bangsite® is pulverized calcium carbide
Bangsite® Trademark registered Dec.1, 1917
One Bangsite® tube = 100 shots
Spark Plugs sold separately...
One Bangsite® tube lasts about as long as one Spark Plug
Bangsite® will last for a long time if stored in dry area

Details for the Bangsite
Lots of safe shots 1 tube = 100 shots
Bangsite is pulverized calcium carbide
Net Wt. 1 3/4 oz.
Made in USA

Safety Features
No gunpowder is used
No matches required
Bangsite® cannot be ignited by the hottest flame
No recoil or kick
Concussion cannot explode Bangsite®
Bangsite® is permitted to be shipped by mail without special markings

NOTE: Replica Blank Guns Cannons won't fire projectiles. Putting objects in the barrel will only inhibit the full effect of the cannon's blast.

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