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Posted on October 11, 2012

Realistic Pirate Sword and Weapon Selections for Re-enactors

Movie directors and stage managers depicting the adventurous lifestyle of the pirate will need to use some of their budget to invest in authentic looking pirate sword and weapon selections. Pirate swords that are designed with historical accuracy in mind are what will cause the audience to view a play or scene in a movie while suspending disbelief. This will allow viewers to be drawn directly into the tale that is being shared. Pirate replica swords are very affordable, and allow for directors to really stretch their movie project budget.

Pirate Replica Sword

Pirate Sword

Inexpensive Pirate Sword and Daggers

Along with the famed Cutlass blade used in most films of this type, some pirates relied on a small sword. The Cutlass is a large bladed sword with a single sharp edge used for the proposes of slashing the enemy during battle, while the small sword was used to penetrate the enemy. The short sword was better for thrusting, stabbing and piercing than it was for slashing. Along with attractive swords, pirates would carry concealed daggers, poignards, stilettos, and dirks. In fact, whatever weapon got the job done fast, easily, and with as little effort as possible is what was relied on by pirates who plundered and pillaged vessels on the high seas.

Pirate Replica Weapons

Pirate Weapons

Popular Pirate Swords Alternatives

Blunderbusses, close-range pistols, musketoons, and other weapons that could be easily fired at close range were often relied on by pirates. The latter types of weapons proved most practical when fighting on the crowded and chaotic deck of a ship that pirates were either invading or defending, and such weapons could be used to spread a lot of shrapnel over a large area, thereby causing injury to many opponents all at once. To lend to the chaos and to further confuse the enemy, some pirates would fire off stinkpots - akin to modern day smoke bombs, where the stinkpot would let off a noxious smell and dark could of smoke thereby making it difficult for the enemy to see clearly.

As you are shopping, you'll quickly find that the pirate sword is only one weapon that is ideal for use in reenactments and scenes in movies.

Discounted Pirate Replica Swords for Collectors and Movie Stage Props

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