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Posted on October 12, 2012

Japanese Sword Structure, Type, and Design

Collectors of weapons, especially those interested in accumulating a variety of sword styles, will not have a complete collection unless they own at least one finely made Japanese sword. Of course, Japanese swords that are crafted by swordsmiths will be priced very high because so much attention goes into their construction and design. In contrast, there are companies that manufacture incredible looking Japanese replica swords that are well-made, durable and are inexpensively priced when compared to the prices of genuine blades. The replica weapons on today's market are just as detailed as real blades from Japan, and they are definitely worthy of being put on a display.

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About Japanese Sword Design

The swords made in Japan are weapons that are made to absolute perfection; a genuine sword that is crafted out of tamahagane, a word that actually means "jewel steel," and this steel is used in a variety of finely-crafted blades including the kodachi, odachi, nodachi, tachi, nagamaki, naginata, yari, tanto, wakizashi, and the famed katana. Each part of the sword's blade is flawlessly made - with every part of the blade having a clear identification including the mune, nearest the Habaki, Seppa, Suba and Fuci just above the sword's hilt, to the Hamon, hi/bo-hi, Nagas, Sori (the midpoint of the blade), Sinogi, Sinogi-Ji, Ji/Hiraji, Ha, Yokote, and Kissaski, nearest the blade's tip.

Samurai Sword

Japanese Swords

More on the Design of Japanese Swords

In genuine Japanese weapons, the steel is folded repeatedly to create a durable, yet flexible blade. The folded metal is forged by the sword maker to have the appropriate curve and an ultra-sharp edge - this action is followed by polishing the blade so that it offers a perfect shine. The scabbard, otherwise identified as a saya, is crafted by a woodcarver, and separate sword makers or craftsmen make the hilt ornamentations, the hand guard or tsuba, and the tsuka or handle of the sword in question.

Today's replica weapons are crafted to look identical to the masterful works of art created by the Japanese sword selections swordsmiths and such options are tremendously affordable.

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