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Posted on October 17, 2012

Samurai Sword Buying Tips and Considerations

Imaginings of the ancient Samurai conjure up images of battles and the use of the iconic Samurai sword. These were ancient warriors who served a master or daimyo, defending the master even to the point of death. The word Samurai actually means "those who serve." The worldly famous Samurai swords were used by warriors of an elite, special class of fighters and these warriors were honored in Japanese society. Samurai replica swords sold today give weapon collectors an opportunity to get in on this very unique time in history and to own a blade that looks very much like those used by the loyal warriors.

Japanese Sword

Samurai Sword

Samurai Sword Styles

When Samurai blades were first crafted, they were identified as chokuto blades with a straight edged blade, and these weapons had originally been created in places like China and Korea. Later, the blades became identifiable as Tachi, hosting a slightly curved edge and the single, razor sharp edge. Over time, these warriors discovered that a straight blade is more difficult to draw from a scabbard and it reduced the response time of the warrior, thus the inclusion of a curved edge made it possible to pull a weapon out of its protective covering quite quickly, which proved useful on the field of battle. Individuals seeking one of these edged weapon can get one of three different kinds including the Tanto, the Wakizashi, and the Katana.

Japanese Swords

Samurai Swords

Samurai Swords - Considerations

When someone is in the market for one of these blades, there are several factors your need to consider before buying. Perhaps the primary concern is how you will utilize the blade when it is purchased. Replicas are the most affordable and ideal option for anyone seeking a blade for display or for expanding and existing weapon collection. A replica has attractive detailing and ornamentations, and it can be readily hung on mounts to serve as an attractive conversational piece. In contrast, if you are planning to train in sword usage or looking for a functional blade, then a real Samurai blade crafted out of high carbon steel is the most ideal purchase.

Discounted Samurai sword reproductions are best suited for collectors, movie stage props, and those seeking to own a small piece of the rich history associated with the time-honored Samurai.

Award Winning Samurai Replica Swords for Collectors and Movie Production Managers

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