Authentic Cowboy Gun Replicas for Collectors, Movie Props, and Re-enactments

Posted on October 24, 2012

Cowboy Gun Reproductions and Your Replica Gun Buying Options

When you imagine the guns used by people in the old west, your initial thoughts might be of the most popular one, the Peacemaker cowboy gun. This firearm was incredibly popular during the early times so there are plenty of replica cowboy guns that duplicate the look and feel of the old time Peacemaker weapons. Yet, when it comes to getting high quality, cowboy replica guns there really is lots of choices. You can really do quite well in diversifying your existing collection by getting a variety of guns that were used during this historically significant time period.

Replica Cowboy Guns

Cowboy Gun

Alternative Cowboy Gun Selections

One gun commonly used by cowboys of the old west including to Colt "Lightening" or "Lightening Carbine" rifle. You can recognize this type of replica in movies from its "pump action" feature - the latter weapon had a tube magazine feed system, an iron sight, a slide action, and it was mass produced starting in 1884 until it was retired in the early 1900s. This weapon was offered in a variety of calibers too including the .22 short, .38, .40, .50, and .95 caliber.

Cowboy Guns

Replica Cowboy Guns

Alternatively, double barrel shotguns identified as coach guns were also used during this time period. These weapons hosted two 18" barrels and the guns are aptly named after the "shotgun messengers" who used them on stagecoaches, who were in charge of protecting valuables during transport.

More Replica Cowboy Guns Options

Some reproductions of weapons might be modeled after the famous Smith & Wesson rifles used in the old west too. These rifles were commonly a single action weapon with a cartridge firing feature. The weapon was manufactured starting in 1870 and later retired in the year 1915. This particular type of gun was used by Wyatt Earp, an old western law enforcer in the famed gunfight at the OK Corral - Earp used the weapon while fighting with the Clanton Gang.

Buying a replica Cowboy gun is the most economical choice for the serious collector, especially if you are looking to add several new weapons to a gun collection.

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