Civil War Weapons

Civil War Weapons

Civil War Weapons for the Serious Gun Collectors, Reenactments, and Movie Props

As you shop for your Civil War weapons, you'll quickly discover that they're not just appealing to those who wants to add one more weapon to his growing collection. Instead, these weapons appeal the gun enthusiast, who is looking for works of art in weaponry. This is one of the many reasons we at, cater to the serious and amateur collectors seeking a Replica Civil War weapon made with an eye for detail. As your browse our gigantic selection, you can shop with confidence that we only offer weapons worthy of being put on display and admired.

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  1. M1849 Ames Rifleman's Knife

    M1849 Ames Rifleman's Knife

    SKU: 1007-317

    Regular Price: $61.25

    Special Price: $52.00
    You Save: $9.25 (15.1%)

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  2. George Washington Knife Set

    George Washington Knife Set

    SKU: 1007-172

    Regular Price: $29.00

    Special Price: $23.00
    You Save: $6.00 (20.7%)

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  3. Civil War Era Deluxe Bowie Knife

    Civil War Era Deluxe Bowie Knife

    SKU: 1007-100

    Regular Price: $86.25

    Special Price: $72.00
    You Save: $14.25 (16.5%)

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  4. 1840 Bowie Knife

    1840 Bowie Knife

    SKU: 1007-110

    Regular Price: $125.00

    Special Price: $100.00
    You Save: $25.00 (20%)

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Civil War Weapons and Arms Selecting

When considering Civil War arms, we can confidently write that no Internet provider has the superlative and amazing variety that we offer. There is no reason now to wait for a public private sale to find the weapon reproductions that you have wanted for a long time to add to an existing collection. It is no longer necessary to go to vintage stores with the expectation of uncovering Civil War weaponry - instead, you can buy quality selections from us at heavily discounted prices.

We are a family operated business with more than fifty collective years of industry experience. Our mission is to ensure that every gun enthusiast that buys from us receives superior customer service - that's why we work with the leading weapon vendors in the industry - so we can provide you with quality selections. Plus, working with the best manufactures in the industry of weapon reproductions allows us to confidently supply you with a 100% product warranty against defects. And, offer free shipping with minimum purchases.

Replica Civil War Weapon Types Selections: At Replica-BlankGuns you'll find that the diversity of our Civil War munitions is exceptional. We sell an extensive variety of guns, and will ship your order within 24 hours following order processing. Along with several of the earliest pistols and rifles that eventually developed into weapons that were widespread across the nation, we have reproductions of weapons made by leading gun makers like Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Remington. Here you will discover everything from classic war pistols, rifles, sabers, and swords.

We are happy to be your one stop shopping destination for all replications of authentic looking replica Civil War weapons.

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