Colonial Weapons

Colonial Weapons

Colonial Weapons and Extraordinary Replica Weapon Choices

As you shop for your authentic looking Colonial weapons, you'll quickly see that these are sought out by weapon collectors and gun aficionados everywhere. You will discover that our imitations of replica Colonial weapon selections are uniquely designed, and every firearm is created to have authentic details. Collecting Revolutionary weapons enables you to encounter a moment of the rich and full history of the pre Civil War era. Even though ammunition and equipment during this historically significant time period were somewhat limited, these arms had a vital role in the colonies well earned freedom.

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Colonial Weapons Modern Day Use of Imitation is a family owned business that sells high quality reproductions to gun enthusiasts seeking genuine looking armaments from this era. We help you over come the high prices associated with real guns, while supplying you with the ideal reproductions from use in movie props, stage and movie productions, and historical reenactments. We sell an entire line of arms including reproductions of famous rifles, muskets, swords, knives, and blades. Our weapons are highly desired by aficionados for their historic allure, and each of our weaponry is an ideal investment for the serious collector.

Replica Colonial Weapon Offerings Variety: You'll find no greater variety of Colonial and Revolutionary War weaponry than the selection we supply you through our online database. Obviously, when considering modern day expectations, the weaponry issued to soldiers of war during this significant period of time was definitely not leading edge or highly developed in any respect. Notwithstanding, a large number of original firearms and blades can be viewed at museums all over the nation.

These weapons are not only highly valued and expensive, but are nearly impossible to find, let alone buy. Out of this time period come armaments like pistols, swords, muskets, and rifles, all of which were utilized both before and during the War of Independence. Our replicas look exactly like the real things so we bring you the ability to finally have one of these fine weapons in your very own collection.

With our long experiences, contacts, and extensive inventory, you simply won't find the affordable Colonial weapons and the level of quality we supply by any other provider.

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