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Colonial Armor - The Many Uses of Armor during the Colonial Era!

Colonial armor was a form of complementary weaponry during the Colonial era, which might be surprising to some people. While it's true that armor during Colonial times did not play a huge role in the War for Independence, it was still very much a part of this era's weaponry. Unlike what most people think, it was not just to protect the torso, but to help in keeping weapons from sliding around when they were being fired. These facts, and lots more, are available on our site,

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Historical Replica Colonial Armor - This type of protection was used to help keep arrows from penetrating into whoever was wearing the shield, but it was also flexible enough to absorb the force from the flying arrow as well. Relatively recently, archaeologists uncovered vest-like armor made of flexible, overlapping plate materials that were used by the colonists in Jamestown as protection against attacks from the Native Americans. However, as you might imagine, finding these authentic armors are rare and quite expensive today.

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