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The sea outlaws of old were known by many names and references. Along the Barbary Coast, they were often called corsairs, and when identified as a freebooter, these pirates were noted for living off the loot that they seized from other vessels. Sometimes called marauders because of the pillaging and plundering they engaged in, and sometimes called a sea rover, sea raider, or a privateer, pirates have left their mark in history and the modern imagination. Replica-blankguns.com has all the replica pirate weapons of this time.

Regardless of how a pirate was acknowledged, the mere reference to one conjures up an image of the remarkable weaponry that these sea bandits once used. From the Cutlass Sword to amazing arms, the weaponry of the time is coveted by enthusiasts, hobbyists, gun fanatics, stage movie prop producers, and historians alike. Shop with us and enjoy free shipping with minimum purchase of $150 on all prate weapons.

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