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Swords are weaponry of a bygone era, and one of the most well-known and favored types of blade is the Samurai Sword. The word samurai is Japanese and means knight or warrior - a person in the service of Japanese nobility. In purchasing a blade, collectors and enthusiasts can hold onto a small piece of history - one that serves as a remembrance of a nobler time. Likewise, Ninja swords stirs images of the amazing dexterity and stealth of a Ninja, and such weapons are also coveted for movie stage props and enthusiasts. If you are a collector, you're certain to find that Replica-Blankguns.com has military, movie, Japanese, pirate, replica, and dragon sword selections of the finest quality, all with free shipping.

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Replica Swords of the Highest Quality From the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages - The term "sword" stems from the Proto-Indo-European root word swer - meaning to cut or wound. They were first used during the Bronze Age having evolved from their smaller counterpart the dagger circa 1600 BCE. During the Iron Age these were absent of a crossguard and possessed short blades. The spatha, a Roman weapon, was a predecessor to the middle-aged European blade. During the high Middle Ages these weapons had a crossguard, all of which you can find in our ever popular inventory of products.

The Quality Samurai Sword Replicas and its Lasting Beauty - One of the most popular and well-known swords is the Katana, one serving as a choice weapon of the Samurai. It was at one-time believed that the user of such a sword captured the soul of its victims in the blade. These weapons are still made with incredible craftsmanship today and are abundantly available on our website for your collection and productions.

Our affordable swords have a rich and interesting history, all of which can be captured in impressive, well-designed replicas.

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